Flushing Sailing Club

Need (to) crew?

From time to time people come to the club and ask if there are any crewing opportunities. We try to fix them up with some suitable and willing helm.

In addition we can list their details on this page, and arrange that anyone looking for crew can contact them. Normally we would act as go-between in order to ensure we don’t infringe any Data Protection rules. But if they are willing that their contact details are made public, we can do that.

Equally if you are looking for crew, we can place an invitation on the page and again act as go-between.

If you want to crew please give us a brief summary of your experience and skills, and your availability (no point putting you in touch with a Tuesday evening sailor if your work patterns mean you can’t get to the Club by early evening); and if you want crew, tell them something about your boat and the sorts of skills you need, and when you sail.


Or do it with an app! Not quite, there isn’t (yet) an equivalent of Tindr or Grindr but there is an on-line system which seeks to match up crews and boats. Tendrr is a ‘CrewMatch’ platform that connects boats with crew across Flushing Sailing Club’s entire season of events. Shorthanded skippers can place crew requests for each event and connect directly with available sailors.

How It Works

Skippers looking for Crew

Click: Find Crew. This takes you to Tendrr’s login screen. Once you’ve signed up for your free Tendrr account you can quickly create a crew request for one of Flushing’s events or to cruise privately. Let potential crew know what kind of position or experience you need and your request will be visible to all sailors on Tendrr’s platform.

Crew looking for a boat

Click: Find Boats. View the latest crewing opportunities for Flushing Sailing Club events and click on the Apply to Crew button to begin messaging the skipper. Or click the Follow button on Flushing’s Tendrr page to be the first to know whenever a new crewing request at the club is added It’s free to sign up and a quick and secure way to connect directly with available, competent sailors. For any questions please contact the Tendrr team at hello@tendrr.co


Come along to the Club, whether you want to crew or you need crew. Meet the people: peer at the boats as they come through the finish line. Mingle. Press the flesh. There’s no substitute for personal experience.

Potential crew

Sian Winslow-Davitt

Recently moved down from Southampton, crewed at Poole Yacht Club. Experience of racing from dinghies to an 80ft ketch. Redruth:  .

Kai Blackmore

Experience cruising on 32ft yachts, and cargo crew on a 140ft Schooner. Keen to race on any boat over the season: Flushing:  .

Ceri Pashley

Flushing:  .

Gabrielle Vaughan

Falmouth:  .

Pat Dye

Falmouth:  .

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