Flushing Sailing Club

Volunteers at FSC

The Club is run by volunteers. We have a few part time employees: the boatman, the cleaner, and a bar person. The sailing suppers are provided by an outside caterer. But everything else (including Saturday teas) is done by our members.

Race Officer duties are taken by those who sail regularly at the Club. They are familiar with the waters, have an understanding of the port, and have raced here, so they know what other racers are likely to want. We do have a mentoring system to help the less experienced or less confident.

A Race Officer will normally be assisted by his or her crew to perform their duties.

We also have a crack team of recorders whose job it is to keep track of who is racing and to record their finishes so that they can be assigned the correct result.

We used to use flags to signal courses and start sequences, but this has been largely superseded by the use of VHF, although some flags are still used. And again we have a good team of radio operators.

But yes, if you would like to lend a hand, you will be welcome. We run a few courses to help familiarise, but you may be happy just joining in and gradually absorbing the skills needed and working out those you would rather avoid.

On the other hand, there is no pressure or obligation to volunteer. Come along, have a cup of tea or a beer, as the mood takes, and absorb the ambiance. You don’t have to sail, or go out on the water, but it helps if you like being in one of the most interesting places in Cornwall.


Because we have such good volunteers, we are also in demand at other local sailing events. Flushing Sailing Club members support the Village Regattas and Falmouth Sailing Week, and the many other occasional events.

The more you put in, the more you get out.

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