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Greetings from your new Commodore, albeit in a caretaking capacity as we were unable to run the AGM.

At this time when we are scuttling indoors away from COVID-19, it is hard to imagine much happening for quite a while. We have had guidance from the RYA; clubs are cancelling events and reviewing the situation as things develop. The Falmouth Sailing calendar that I so optimistically compiled as PoFSA Hon Sec has already seen some significant cancellations, such as Falmouth Classics and at least one village regatta. The advice is to read our newsletters, which will most probably be more frequent, watch the club and PoFSA websites and the relevant Facebook groups.

Nonetheless we will pull through and get sailing again. Falmouth’s premier sailing event, Falmouth Sailing Week is still on the cards and that is something to which we can look forward.

The future

Those of us working on the rebuilding project will continue our efforts. Thank goodness for modern means of communication.

When we started out on the project we drew up a Development plan that has been on the website for some time. It shows that FSC has benefited from having a reputation for organising quality racing events and robust financial management. In fact the latter really struck me when I first joined the Committee and there was a group intake of breath when I suggested spending money on new blinds for the clubhouse! In true FSC style the blinds were installed at very little cost by willing volunteers. With continued careful management, care to keep overheads down and our Charitable status we can weather this latest storm.

For the future we envisage our club as a venue that will attract more members, particularly among the young, along with greater facility use. Fancy a pint and a yarn after Friday night racing? We would like to open up on Fridays if there is enough interest. We will always be a sailing club but none of us are just sailors. Many club members come from the local community and the proposed new building that has grabbed the imaginations of donors in the area, will be a great benefit to Flushing Village too. We have members who are also Gig rowers and we are working towards forging a link with the Gig Club.


FSC always values our volunteers: from the Managing Committee and Trustees through to Saturday afternoon cakes and teas. There is always room for more, no matter how small the contribution. This winter we had an excellent programme of talks organised by Jenny Jakeways, a hard act to follow but follow we must. If you have suggestions about the programme, can help to find a willing organiser or a potential speaker, please contact any of the Committee or Trustees.

Gaye Slater



Gaye Slater
Commodore FSC

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